Plastering in a timber-framed house is a fairly quick process – fit plasterboard and skim it. I think in total it’s been going on about 8 or 9 weeks and there are still a couple of areas left to do!

It’s amazing what a massive difference fixing the plasterboard does to the feel of the rooms and even more so once they’ve been skimmed.

There’s not really a lot to add other than just look at the photos.

Plastering - 1Plastering - 2

Plastering - 3

Plastering - 6

Plasterboard makes a useful site table

Plastering - 5

Plastering - 7

2.5m ceilings and 2.4m boards

Plastering - 4


Plastering - 16

Plastering - 8Plastering - 9Plastering - 10

Plastering - 11Plastering - 12Plastering - 17Plastering - 14Plastering - 15Plastering - 13

It’s possibly worth mentioning the lighting at this point. I’ll cover the specific details of the lighting design in another blog entry but in general the mood lighting is provided by top quality LED down-lights. Downstairs we have 50 fittings (called Zep 6 Eyeconic) which consist of an aluminium housing that is skimmed in, into which the actual light fitting is inserted – the photo below shows one of the housings before the ceiling was skimmed

light-eyeconic - 1

Zep 6 Eyeconic housing

light-eyeconic - 2

Open plan area showing Zep 6 housings