For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to build my own home, a ‘dream’ as some might say. Well, on 26 March 2015 we were successful in bidding for a 0.37 acre plot at auction and so it very much looks like that ‘dream’ is becoming reality, although, as it turns out, much more slowly than I thought it would.

We’d pretty much identified who we wanted to design the house even before we’d found a plot and after reading many posts on a couple of self-build forums and visiting a couple of houses under construction we had also settled on the build method and supplier.

So, this blog will document our journey. I will try and keep it updated as regularly as I can, both the ups and the downs, although I’m hoping there will be more of the former than the latter! In reality, I’m doing this for me – it’s my story to me, but I’d be equally happy if anyone finds it interesting or useful.

I have no background in the construction industry at all but will be managing the process myself – just having the one day job didn’t seem quite enough. Oh, I do like a challenge!

Anyway, let the story commence…