Scaffold down!

I seem to have neglected the blog somewhat recently so I think it’s time I rectified that. This entry is being written very much retrospectively (about 2 months retrospectively!) but I just want to bring everything up to date for the record…

Finally, and I do mean ‘finally’, the scaffold has come down. This obviously means a couple of things – the rendering and the cedar cladding has finished. Well, the upper part of the house is finished, at least. Oh, and it also means I’m now £84 a week better off!


The upper part of the house is now rendered! Not much to add other than to post up some photos…

RenderDone - 1RenderDone - 2RenderDone - 3RenderDone - 4

Parts of the lower section of the house have been primed, but as I wrote in the last blog entry, this won’t be completed until much later on.


The eagle-eyed will have spotted that we now have downspouts, or at least half-spouts. The remaining lower sections will be fitted when the render and stone cladding is completed.

Cedar Cladding

The fitting of the cedar cladding has been ‘pending’ for quite some time. It was planned to have been done a few weeks earlier but due to other works slipping we lost our slot and had to wait the best part of a month. I did toy with the idea of getting someone else in to do it sooner and in fact offered the work to two other people.

The first guy believed it was about a month’s work for two people (it’s only 50m2!) so he was dropped pretty quickly. The second guy was a retired joiner who seemed happy to just do anything. As it turned out, I needed a couple of pretty low-skilled joinery related jobs doing first so asked him to do these first. This was a Good Move. It took him all day to do what I think would have taken me about 3 hours to do and my gut was telling me to drop him quickly – certainly not to let him anywhere near the cedar! I’m pretty sure he was a retired joiner, I’m just not that certain what he ‘joined’ – I don’t think it was wood.

Anyway, I digress… We waited patiently for the original guys to turn up and I have to say they did a cracking job – I think it took 3 of them about 3-4 days. Mind you, they did whinge a lot (that seems to be a VERY common trait of most of the trades), generally about nothing in particular, but one recurring theme was that I hadn’t bought enough timber to complete the job. I knew I had and in fact I knew I had bought way too much – even a set of plans showing which pieces went where didn’t seem to placate them. Obviously though, by the end they realised I was right 🙂

Oh, a little about the cedar before I forget. It’s Western Red Cedar 19mm thick, 144mm deep and various lengths from about 2m long to around 4.2m. The profile is called Microline Channel (Silva Timber Cladding) There are various grades of timber and this is known as No.2 Clear and Better, which basically means that it doesn’t have (m)any knots, although there is a degree of colour variation between pieces.

Additionally, we had it coated by the supplier with a UV protecting coating. The basic aim of this is to try and keep it from going grey as long as possible without having to resort to staining it. I’m not sure how effective this will be but we felt it was worth the gamble.

We’ve only fitted the cedar to the upper part of one side of the house, wrapping around to the windows front and rear but I think it looks fantastic. We’re really please with how it looks so just hope that the UV coating does it’s job, at least for a few years.

Cladding - 1Cladding - 3Cladding - 2

ScaffDown - 2ScaffDown - 1





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